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We audit many Not for Profit Organisations and especially those in the Arts sector.

Due to our extensive experience in this field we are able to offer your organisation a seamless and cost effective audit.

We understand the financial requirements of the Charities Act, the Corporations Act and NSW Government Act to ensure that your organisation complies with all the necessary regulations.

Our services also include setting up Non- profit entities and obtaining Charity status.


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Where We Are

Kochia Lane, off Lindfield Avenue is the lane between the two chemists which open out into the car park. We are located in the professional suites on the first floor of the building, entrance to the first floor is via the maroon doors in the middle of the veranda; we are at the top of the stairs. 

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Meet the Team

It's time to think about the annual Tax Return preparation

Below are some points to remember when preparing Returns 

Accountancy Fees

All accountancy fees for the preparation of your Tax Return or any advice received. 

Bank Charges

All bank fees on all accounts including government charges. 

Books and Magazines

All technical books, magazines and journals which related to your income. 

Car Expenses

All car expenses except travel from home to first place of work and private travel. The best way is to keep a log book for 12 weeks with detailed car trips; the business percentage in these 12 weeks is the percentage deductible over the full year's expenses (one log book lasts five years). If you use your car for less than 5000km per year, use the cents per km method at 68 cents per km. 


Only special protective clothing, not Driza-bone coats or jeans. 


Software under $1000 is fully deductible, over that amount is depreciable. 


Any plant and equipment such as car, computers, printers, cameras - costing under $30,000 - is for companies: small business enterprise is 100% depreciable.


Movie tickets are 50% deductible. 

Home Office

A home office could be part of the lounge room, but preferably a totally separate office area. The key is the proportion of the office area to the whole home, and if you work a lot at home, then there is the use of the kitchen and bathroom. The expenses to be apportioned include rates, rent, mortgage interest, cleaning, gardening, repairs, electricity, gas and so on. However, there are CGT disadvantages should you sell your home and you have claimed mortgage interest and rates.  


Personal accident, equipment and portion of home office. 


Entertainment is mostly non-deductible, however finger food and morning and afternoon teas in your home/office are, or if you send someone out for a coffee and drink it in the office. Meals interstate or overseas are deductible. 


Always needed for business - also magazines and journals. 

Parking & Tools

Deductible if work related. 


Includes couriers and freight. 


See Home Office. 


If related to business, are fully deductible. 

Self Education

Education is deductible if there is a direct connection between the course and your work. 


Use an account at the local newsagent to record costs. 


Professional organisations. 


Bus, rail, car, plane. Overseas travel requires a travel diary with full details. 

Telephone & Internet

Home phone should be apportioned between private and business, but a mobile will generally be fully deductible. A separate fax/modem line is fully deductible. 


Theatre tickets are 50% deductible, but only your ticket. 


The machine itself is depreciable, also the video machine, but generally only 50% is deductible. 

Videos, Foxtel & Streaming Services

50% deductible.  



Please note that the above does not constitute professional advice. For all issues regarding taxation please contact our office.

We provide audit, tax and accounting services to the Australian Film Industry. Our recent film audits include 20 of the Top 100 Best Australian Films of All Time. Total audit projects over the past few years exceed $5B and range from small documentaries to large features with budgets from under $200,000 to over $50m.  

We specialise as 

  • Film Auditor
  • Film Production Auditors
  • Overseas Film Co-Productions
  • QAPE Applications
  • QAPE Opinions
  • State Film Rebates
  • SPV Incorporation, SPV Liquidations, SAP Applications
  • Film Tax Advice
  • Film Tax Incentives

As we have the specialized knowledge and experience in Film Audits it makes the audit of a production not only less expensive but less disruptive for the Producer and Production Accountant.

We have been recommended by various state Film bodies to  audit productions financed by them. Christopher Coote has been on the Board of Directors Guild and we act as auditor to a number of organizations connected with the Film Industry.

We have Registered Offices in Queensland and Victoria so that our fees via that office form part of the local film spend. 

Some of our Clients include:

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